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When a government funded virtual reality helmet falls into the hands of an angry teen, his methods turn to madness as his obsession with the virtual world begins to eclipse reality and his mind becomes part of the machine; creating an entity no one can stop.

The protagonist (John Clayton) is a brilliant, but introverted, high school senior who steals a state-of-the-art, military prototype, virtual reality machine; a helmet with a full face plate that's jammed full of neural net processors and super-fast microchips that simulates reality down to the last detail. The helmet programs “skills” into his brain. John uses virtual reality to experience wild adventures and help solve his problems; defeating a high school bully and wining the girl of his dreams. But, he makes one big mistake. He falls asleep with the helmet on, giving the machine unlimited access to his subconscious mind. This generates a virtual life form built out of his most primitive emotions.

The virtual entity needs more and more memory storage and processing capacity. It reaches out to all the military AI programs it can get its electronic fingers into, taking over the Army’s computer network and bringing it to its knees. The military traces the stolen helmet to our hero's small town and starts a door-to-door search. The fusion between man and machine is nearly complete as troops swarm in. Behind the eyes of the helmet, John sees a simulation of nightmarish creatures, while in reality he outmaneuvers waves of soldiers on a motorcycle. The virus has grown to its full potential, disrupting communications across the globe. Inside the helmet, John's “virtual dream” expands into the source of his worst fears and hatred, berating his mind until his only choice is to utterly submit or... give the helmet the “ultimate” human experience...


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Battlecruiser - The Illustrated Screenplay

The battlecruiser concept involves putting the large guns of a battleship on a vessel the size and speed of a cruiser. The idea was that a battlecruiser could outgun any other ship its size and outrun the more heavily armored battleships. This concept was put to a dramatic test during World War I in what would become known as the battle of Jutland. The ensuing conflict was the largest surface naval battle ever fought between battleships and battlecruisers and yet, a movie has not been made about this cataclysmic event that cost the lives of thousands and shaped the course of the First World War.

Now that movie exists in illustrated screenplay format.

Battlecruiser is the story of an extraordinary historical event that deserves its place in film history. Perhaps, you can help make that happen?

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No one believes ten-year-old Patricia Cromwell when she says that her parents were killed by a mysterious wormhole that disappeared as quickly as it formed. Likewise, twenty years later, no one believes thirty-year-old Patricia Cromwell, Ph.D. in radio astronomy, when she gives a presentation of her research into Long Delayed Echo (LDE) radio signals indicating alien transmissions. Patricia quickly discovers that Earth coordinates hidden in the radio message point to a Zinc mine in Alaska. Determined to see this through, Patricia cashes out her life savings and with some “borrowed” lab equipment, heads for the frozen northland. Sneaking into the Alaskan mining complex at night, Patricia discovers a hidden entrance leading to an underground alien ore processing center. Her insatiable curiosity leads her on an unimaginable trip through space and time to an Alien world on the brink of destruction. Ultimately, the alien’s actions put the survival of both worlds in Patricia’s hands.

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Power and Passion

Cassandra Patterson is a beautiful, high school English teacher who is frustrated with the apathy of her students and disappointed with her often-absent, career-obsessed husband. Daniel Hart, high school senior, is an under-achiever with a love of literature. Their passion will wreak havoc with every aspect of their lives: morality, the law, even the destruction of their own future.

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Patent Searching Made Easy (8th Edition)

Editorial Reviews - Patent Searching Made Easy

George H. Morgan, Patent Agent of Morgan and Associates
Following the instructions in this book...will help you reduce the risk inherent in developing your inventions.

Entrepreneur Magazine
This book should be a valuable aid to most inventors... an excellent starting point for first-time inventors.

Now inventors can get instant feedback on their ideas via the Internet. For the novice searcher, Nolo Press offers an entertaining book that helps with the process. "Patent Searching Made Easy" explains how to use an Internet browser to search U.S. patents, discusses how to classify an invention properly, and tells how to find all relevant patents issued since 1971.

This book thoroughly explains how to search for previously issued U.S. patents, using resources available on the Internet and at PTDLs.... The explanations are helpful for both computer expert and newbie.

Keri Hayes Troutman, ComputerCurrents
Today you can find many patent-searching resources online, and David Hitchcock's Patent Searching Made Easy details how to make the best use of them. Hitchcock covers search strategies and gives specific search tips for the two key patent sites, PTO and IBM, and for international online offices.

Jim Wilson - Popular Mechanics
A word of caution before trying a search at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website -- first read Patent Searching Made Easy.

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Gas-Core Nuclear Rocket Design

Originally written in 1989, this book (Master's Thesis) reviews the state of the art in Gas-Core Nuclear Rocket design at the time of program termination in the 1970's, with updates for research performed during the 1980's. Major design problems are addressed and a proposal for an optimum design is included. This book may be especially appealing when one considers NASA's renewed mission to pioneer the future in space exploration.
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David Hitchcock has degrees in physics and engineering. He has worked as a computer consultant on such diverse projects as the MX missile, the Milstar satellite program and advanced capability torpedoes. He has focused on patent searching, writing, and new technology for a number of years.

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